1. Princess Serenity’s Dress: An Analysis and Break-Down

    Hey, Sailor Moon fandom, hey…

    It’s that time again where I talk too much. This time let’s discuss Princess Serenity’s famous dress which is well-known as an interpretation of the “Palladium” / “Il Palladio” dress in the Christian Dior, Haute Couture Spring/Summer 1992 collection. Here’s a very nice post by Moonie Trivia with detailed pics comparing them with the included inspiration, an Ionic column.


    So what more is there to add, really?

    Well, let’s take a little trip down history and fashion lane.

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  2. excusemewhileifangirl101 said: I need.. more... of just everything you do. you are a beautiful person dont stop

    Aw, thanks so much for enjoying it :3   I kinda wish I could be more consistent with my posts here, like having a schedule of translations or animations/fan art, but I have a sort of artists’ ADD where I’m constantly rotating projects to keep myself interested and busy.

    Things coming up on the to-do list in case you’re interested (in no particular order):

    • Costume analyses and break-downs for: Princess/Neo Queen Serenity, King Endymion, and Princess Kakyuu
    • A couple more “real-life” replicas of Sailor Moon props
    • Fanfic of how Serenity and Endymion met
    • Working on the illustrated Terran Moon AU
    • More Bara no Tameni

    But again, thanks for sticking by and seeing whatever pops up here :)

  3. Anonymous said: Do you have any thoughts about why Earth seems to be so important in the manga? The obvious answer outside the series is the human-centric bias prevalent in a lot of sci-fi, but I always found it curious why Earth was so important that it had to be protected by both the Sun and the Moon (and bye extension, the entire SilMil), also the fact that Earth has a crystal that's supposed to be equal in power to the Silver Crystal and the fact that it had its own special guardians with the Shitennou.

    Sure, but y’all better settle in because it also goes into what Queen Serenity’s deal is and how the Silver Millennium might’ve worked in general :)

    Like you mentioned, Sci-Fi in general has a lot of human-centric bias, but another common trope is that humans are one of the dumbest, most primitive things in the universe.  In that case, I think that Queen Serenity applied a policy of benevolence and noblesse oblige towards the Earth for two reasons. 

    1. Remember that even though the moon orbits the Earth and is super small in comparison to the rest of the solar system, Queen Serenity chose it as her home.  Queen Nehelenia remarks in Act 48 that they both settled there and were not actually native to this solar system.  I think that rather than Queen Serenity bringing a court here, the people of Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, etc. might’ve already been in existence.  If that’s the case, they might’ve even already descended to Earth once in awhile for giggles, giving rise to mythology and legends of gods and demi-gods playing with the human race.  But when Queen Serenity established and demonstrated herself as a powerful but kind leader, she probably thought fondly of humans and declared them off-limits as playthings.  If you take that as true, then the Maenads’ physical appearance makes a little more sense if the queen of the moon was revered in ancient times as a protector.  Queen Serenity as a non-native works well with the Giant Impact hypothesis of how the moon was formed, and Nehelenia as another moon is parallel to how Theia’s impact possibly had two moons existing at one point.  Not in a chronological sense of course, but as a parallel reference.
    2. If she was aware of the power of the Golden Crystal, she probably wanted to guide and protect it as it formed since Earth was not previously experienced with being attacked by outside forces, since it had no Sailor Senshi at the time. Keep in mind that the Golden Crystal in itself is an anomaly.  It’s extremely similar to a Sailor Crystal but Mamoru is 1) male 2) not actually a Sailor Senshi (although that last bit may be excused considering that at one point the Silver Crystal existed without a Sailor Moon).  It’s growing power seems to be in tandem with the Silver Crystal, so it might’ve just have been a matter of time (and destiny) for Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion to come together.

    In other words, I think that point number one was the original reason she looked after Earth, because humans are soft, squishy things that don’t live long but seem to be funny and admirable in spirit.  One of her first rules to the rest of the Solar System was probably “Stop messing with the Earthlings” which was eventually translated to “Contact between the two kingdoms is forbidden.”  But if she noticed point two, then that would be a good reason as well.  Although the growth of the Golden Crystal might’ve been because of the Silver Crystal, so in which case, that’s almost her fault for taking a shine to Earth.

  4. Pearls


    “Wow, so pretty! What are these, Mama?”

    “They’re pearls, sweetheart.”


    “They’re native to Earth. Deep in their blue sea, there is an odd little creature that wraps up its troubles into these lovely pearls. When you were born, the Golden Kingdom sent a chest full of them in your honor. The king himself said they reminded him of the glowing beauty of our moon.”


    Serenity looked up at the Earth which seemed to glimmer with a vibrant blue aura, teeming with plants, animals, and people she had never seen before. Growing up, she had been taught that they were to watch over Earth, as it was so different from the rest of the Moon Kingdom. The inhabitants were short-lived and prone to flights of passion. But… Queen Serenity always spoke of it with a tinge of admiration that didn’t escape her daughter’s notice. And she understood why.

    She turned the strands of pearls over in her hands. They really did look like the moon. And she was struck with a sudden longing to be able to hold the Earth’s warmth in her arms in the same way. Perhaps, one day, she would.

    At the same time on Earth, a young prince with blue eyes stared up at the moon. Wondering about the legendary princess said to look after them.

  5. Bara no Tameni 10-B

  6. Bara no Tameni 10-A

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    Anonymous said: I think the main bothers of mine of these alternate senshi children is 1. Ami would definitely be a doctor! And 2. The timeline REALLY confuses me. Does Chibiusa just not get born instead? 3. I really dislike how everyone always just assumes everyone's children would look EXACTLY like them. It seems like lazy artistry. 4. Rei didn't attend Juuban? 5. No seriously Usagi's face breaks my heart. She looks depressed because Chibiusa isn't there?

    Yeah, I had some similar problems with it. 

    • 1 could be up in the air since the future can always take different turns from what you intended, but she certainly had the smarts and drive for it.
    • 3 I completely agree with. 
    • 4 was actually one of Makacoon’s mistakes I wasn’t sure if I should fix in translation, the same with occasionally writing “Hino Shrine” instead of “Hikawa Shrine.” 
    • 2 and 5 are a noticeable sore spot because it seems like just writing Chibiusa out of the way completely while Mikage functions almost the same way in terms of story.  Although reading “depression” into her expression might be a bit much.

    Either way, I still like seeing other AU’s and they’re great for writing exercises, especially since this one was presented so well.  For some reason, I get the feeling Makacoon probably came up with Eclipse Moon first then worked backwards to see how something like that would come about.   Because the circumstances for that basically require them to 1) all have children 2) all live normally and not in Crystal Tokyo.

    Funny to note, during my hiatus last week, I came up with another one that you guys might have fun with thinking about:

    What if the Silver Millennium never fell?  Would Princess Lady Serenity still come about somehow?  (Whether or not the battle with Earth occurred is up to the writer)

  8. You know, I was going to write a longer opinion piece about the Makacoon AU and various ways to approach writing “new generation” fics that pop up so frequently,  but instead I’ll keep it straight and simple:

    • The Eclipse Moon idea is pretty rad and I love the “Eclipse Monster Senshi” outfits.
    • I’m not fond of characters’ kids being exactly like them, whether physically or personality-wise (even in Parallel Moon it bothers me)  but the touches on Rin and Venus were pretty good.
    • While I do miss Chibiusa, I really appreciate that Mikage reflects a difference in personality in growing up in an alternate environment.  Also, that she flat-out states she doesn’t want to help and does what she wants.  I think a jaded magical girl is an interesting concept to run with. (Slayers did something similar: Lina’s older sister, Luna, was a more powerful spell-caster than her but never appeared in the show because she chose to be a waitress instead.  Lina was absolutely terrified of her.)
    • Kanari’s twin, Koito, is a missed opportunity and I’d love more info on him.

    Translation-wise, I had to decide how much of Makacoon’s “voice” to keep since they write in a such a casual but still kinda wordy way.  Also which spelling/content errors to keep or correct because of it.  So it was a bit tougher than usual.

    Otherwise though, presenting an AU visually like this is a great way to convey the idea.  I enjoyed it and fully encourage other fans to use AU as a fun writing exercise  :)

  9. knight-robin replied to your post: Manga coloring for Natsume Yuujinchou….

    what’s it about :O

    Natsume Takeshi is a boy who can see spirits.  As an orphan, he’s been shifted from household to household most of his life, especially since he seems so “odd” and “tells weird creepy lies.”  Finally taken in by a kind older couple, he’s determined to stay by keeping his mouth shut.

    However, it comes to his attention that his late grandmother was famous for creating the “Book of Friends” which contains the names of spirits she has bound to it to serve her or anyone else who owns the book… which is now in his possession.

    Hunted by those who want the book, Natsume tries to maintain a peaceful life while returning the names to the spirits.

    What I really like about the story is that it takes a premise that could easily become a pokemon-esque spirit battling sort of manga, and instead turns it into a very dreamy and often bittersweet look about humans and spirits alike trying to understand each other.

    I really highly recommend it :)

  10. image: Download

    Manga coloring for Natsume Yuujinchou.
If you ever wanted a very sweet, very sad, heartwarming story, please do read the manga or watch the anime.

    Manga coloring for Natsume Yuujinchou.

    If you ever wanted a very sweet, very sad, heartwarming story, please do read the manga or watch the anime.