1. You know, I was going to write a longer opinion piece about the Makacoon AU and various ways to approach writing “new generation” fics that pop up so frequently,  but instead I’ll keep it straight and simple:

    • The Eclipse Moon idea is pretty rad and I love the “Eclipse Monster Senshi” outfits.
    • I’m not fond of characters’ kids being exactly like them, whether physically or personality-wise (even in Parallel Moon it bothers me)  but the touches on Rin and Venus were pretty good.
    • While I do miss Chibiusa, I really appreciate that Mikage reflects a difference in personality in growing up in an alternate environment.  Also, that she flat-out states she doesn’t want to help and does what she wants.  I think a jaded magical girl is an interesting concept to run with. (Slayers did something similar: Lina’s older sister, Luna, was a more powerful spell-caster than her but never appeared in the show because she chose to be a waitress instead.  Lina was absolutely terrified of her.)
    • Kanari’s twin, Koito, is a missed opportunity and I’d love more info on him.

    Translation-wise, I had to decide how much of Makacoon’s “voice” to keep since they write in a such a casual but still kinda wordy way.  Also which spelling/content errors to keep or correct because of it.  So it was a bit tougher than usual.

    Otherwise though, presenting an AU visually like this is a great way to convey the idea.  I enjoyed it and fully encourage other fans to use AU as a fun writing exercise  :)

  2. knight-robin replied to your post: Manga coloring for Natsume Yuujinchou….

    what’s it about :O

    Natsume Takeshi is a boy who can see spirits.  As an orphan, he’s been shifted from household to household most of his life, especially since he seems so “odd” and “tells weird creepy lies.”  Finally taken in by a kind older couple, he’s determined to stay by keeping his mouth shut.

    However, it comes to his attention that his late grandmother was famous for creating the “Book of Friends” which contains the names of spirits she has bound to it to serve her or anyone else who owns the book… which is now in his possession.

    Hunted by those who want the book, Natsume tries to maintain a peaceful life while returning the names to the spirits.

    What I really like about the story is that it takes a premise that could easily become a pokemon-esque spirit battling sort of manga, and instead turns it into a very dreamy and often bittersweet look about humans and spirits alike trying to understand each other.

    I really highly recommend it :)

  3. image: Download

    Manga coloring for Natsume Yuujinchou.
If you ever wanted a very sweet, very sad, heartwarming story, please do read the manga or watch the anime.

    Manga coloring for Natsume Yuujinchou.

    If you ever wanted a very sweet, very sad, heartwarming story, please do read the manga or watch the anime.

  4. 01:28 29th Aug 2014

    Notes: 3

    Aw crap nuggets

    While getting reacquainted with my document for Terran Moon, I noticed there’s a list at the bottom of literally over a dozen fanfic ideas I wanted to write.  Only three have been crossed off.

    Maybe I’ll squeeze in a few of these while I’m gone too.  Or hell, maybe I’ll post them as writing prompts for others.  There’s some fun ones in here and one stupidly sad one.

  5. 23:57 28th Aug 2014

    Notes: 17

    Tada~!  Makacoon’s Sailor Moon AU is now fully translated.  I made a page for it on the main site right here so if you’d like to find all of them later, you can.

    And with that a bit of good news and bad news.

    The bad news is that I’ll be away from my work/drawing computer until September 7th starting Sunday.  So I probably won’t update anything big like new translations or fan art between now and then.  Will get out a post of final thoughts on Makacoon’s AU sometime this weekend though.

    BUT the good news is that while I’m away, I’ll have plenty of personal time to translate Bara no Tameni and start drawing up those Terran Moon bits.  I won’t be able to upload them right away when I get back since I’ll still need to clean and ink them, but I can work hard on the roughs.

    So that’s what’s up.  Hope you guys enjoyed Makacoon’s stuff :)

  6. Makacoon’s Sailor Moon 2012 (Part 6)

    Translated by Sailor Scribbles.

    (Source: pixiv.net)

  7. Makacoon’s Sailor Moon 2012 (Part 5)

    Translated by Sailor Scribbles.

    (Source: pixiv.net)

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    Notes: 7

    circustalia said: Do you know how many parts there are to the New Sailor Moon idea? Btw, thank you for translating those and other works :)

    There’s two more updates left (Eclipse Moon and a Summary/Afterword) so six parts in total.  Those last two won’t take as long since there’s less to translate.  I’ll probably give them their own little page like I did for Cockpit and Bara no Tameni when I’m done, but for now here’s the tag for anyone who missed the rest.

    Thanks for reading the translations :)

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    Anonymous said: I'm so confused about the Sailor New Moon. o.o where's chibiusa?

    No idea actually.  I haven’t skimmed the afterword yet, but even though the timeline mentions Chibiusa going home, she doesn’t come up in the rest of the AU.  Maybe Makacoon decided to split her up into two different people, Mikage and Koyomi (Although I have to wonder even if Usagi realized the future they visited wouldn’t happen, would she really so readily NOT name her first daughter Chibiusa???)

    Once I’m done translating it all though, I’ll probably give some final thoughts and clarification on parts of it.

    Thanks for checking it out :)

  10. Makacoon’s Sailor Moon 2012 (Part 4)

    Translated by Sailor Scribbles.

    (Source: pixiv.net)