1. Progress Update~!

    Now that summer bummers are done, here’s what I’m currently working on and percentage done so y’all aren’t wondering:

    Makacoon’s SM 2012 fan art: 27.5%

    Bara no Tameni Chapter 9: 9%

    The Fear guide: 85%

    Also, I’ve resumed uploading The Rose (the Taiwanese drama of Bara no Tameni) on my youtube channel if you’re interested.

    Also also, I just realized the next episode of Crystal has one of my favorite scenes!  Yaaaaaaaaaay!

  2. Shitennou Symbology Round-Up

    I wrote this some time ago, but since Crystal has brought back the alternate colors for them, figured it would be relevant to people:

    Shitennou Analysis Part 1: Colors and Cardinal Directions

    Shitennou Analysis Part 2: Direction Clarification and Personality Break Down

  3. 14:57 14th Jul 2014

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    Just a heads up that I’ll be back on a semi-normal schedule after this weekend.  Summer weddings will be DONE

  4. Just a notice to my followers:

    Despite being a (mostly) Sailor Moon blog, I do not get involved in any sort of fandom drama or happenings.  If you feel you should suggest an alternate resource or opinion, that’s fine.  But keep it civil, please, or perhaps on your own tumblr space if you feel like opening a full discussion.

    At best, this blog is a creative outlet, not a soap box.

  5. Oh no I have another dumb SM project idea

    I’m gonna do so much random Sailor Moon crap after my summer obligations, you guys don’t even understand

    this one doesn’t even involve dickbutt

  6. 04:45

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    Anonymous said: Where can I read the Sailor Moon manga? Which is the very first one?

    In English, you mean?  Miss Dream has scanlations available here and it starts with Volume 1 Act 1.  You can also purchase the volumes themselves at your local bookstore or online (like Amazon), which I do recommend to support Ms. Takeuchi and the people who put a lot of time and effort into bringing this and other titles over to overseas audiences :)

    The only confusing part might be that there are a few different editions of the covers, but besides some minor changes and clean up, they’re essentially the same material.

  7. 01:07

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    Just realized we’ll eventually get to see Usagi’s “princess disguise” in the new style



  8. sailor-scribbles:

The Sailor Moon fandom right now


    The Sailor Moon fandom right now

  9. 11:11

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    Sailor Moon Crystal: First Reactions

    • Man, all the sequences with hints at Serenity and Endymion were adorbs and pretty
    • Haha, it looks like the Shitennou are in their 4 Symbols color combos
    • Didn’t even mind the CG transformation
    • They totally emphasized the locket/pocket watch :3
    • (edited in) My only real complaint is that I wish the monster was more… monstrous.  But hey, can’t have it all.
  10. 01:16

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    The Sailor Moon fandom right now

    The Sailor Moon fandom right now