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    Anonymous said: Ok... I feel quite ashamed that I didn't even know that by some strange circumstances I stopped following you... I didn't even noticed until I was looking specifically for your posts!!!. im sorry!!

    Nah, it’s cool.  Whether on purpose or not, people can follow and unfollow as they want.  It’s the internet, no big deal :)

  2. Bara no Tameni 11-A

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    Hi guys, just a notice and apology that things will be taking a slow down during the holiday season (work, family, etc).  But I’ll still be posting and responding when I can :)

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    Anonymous said: Going back to Makacoon's sailor moon, who do you think each Sailor Shenshi married? I am curious to read your input about who they all married and had kids with.

    Ha, headcanon of a headcanon…

    Well, just going by Makacoon’s stuff, we only really know their jobs and basic temperament.

    • Ami’s husband -> runs the cram school with her, probably doesn’t open up much (their household was described as “chilly”)
    • Rei’s husband -> runs the shrine with her, very traditional (household described as the most Japanese)
    • Makoto’s husband -> normal office worker, probably a really supportive guy considering that he agreed to opening a business (opening a restaurant is a pretty risky and expensive venture)
    • Minako’s ex-husband -> Not much known besides being an American.

    In just those terms, I’d imagine Ami’s husband to be a little older than her, maybe someone she admired academically at first.  I like the idea of two study-obsessed nerds awkwardly trying to figure out if they like-like each other.

    Rei’s husband… I know the popular answer would be Yuuichirou (since the AU is anime-based) especially since he’s already set up at the shrine, but if it is him, he must’ve really shaped up (or at least combed his hair).  Rei would need someone capable she can rely on, both in terms of relationship and running the shrine.  Rei and her husband seem like a “proper” kind of couple, since Rin’s rebelling against them and all. Although if Yuuichirou is her dad, maybe she got that from him because he knows what it’s like to separate yourself from your upbringing.

    Mako’s husband I imagine being a really normal, eager, supportive kind of guy.  Basically Asanuma if this was the manga canon.  When she brought up the idea of a cafe, even knowing how hard it is, he probably knew how important it was to her (and that her cooking was fantastic enough to carry it.)  They sound like a really fun and sweet family.

    Minako… as flighty as she can be sometimes, I do think she married out of love and not spur of the moment.  But with the marriage only lasting a year, I wonder what happened.  If you want to go the sad route, maybe he cheated on her.  The acting world is tough and not everyone is sincere.  Or perhaps he wanted her to settle down once she had a child and that was something Minako couldn’t agree to (although how/why she took custody if that was the case, who knows)

    And those are my too many thoughts on the Senshi’s husbands in Makacoon’s AU.  All just speculation, but this was how I connected the dots.  Fun to guess though! :)

  5. blue-skies-sunrise replied to your post “I really enjoy your blog. You rekindled my love for Sailor Moon. As I was reading Makacoon’s Sailor Moon work, I noticed something interesting. Why do all the Sailor Shashi’s children have their mother’s maiden names and not their father’s?”

    I keep seeing all that Makacoon stuff, but who are they? And why is so much attention being given to their second gen senshi headcanons?

    Makacoon is just a normal Japanese fan artist.  Sometime ago when they first made that AU, it got passed around and mistaken by a lot of non-Japanese speakers as the new Sailor Moon designs.  Usually taken out of context like using just the group shots and none of the explanatory panels.  So even when the real stuff did come out, Makacoon’s AU is still stuck in much of the fandom’s collective heads.

    I translated it by request so now it’s all out in the open :)

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    Anonymous said: I really enjoy your blog. You rekindled my love for Sailor Moon. As I was reading Makacoon's Sailor Moon work, I noticed something interesting. Why do all the Sailor Shashi's children have their mother's maiden names and not their father's?

    Thanks for enjoying the blog :)  I think that’s probably from Makacoon not fully developing the Senshi’s husbands, who aren’t named either. Since they’re basically copies of their mothers anyway, it’s not terribly surprising for the kids to have their mothers’ maiden names for the sake of audience familiarity.

    Story-wise, I could see Mamoru not minding, Minako just being Minako, and perhaps even Rei’s husband taking hers if he’s inheriting the shrine with her.  But for Ami and Makoto, you’d need do some mental stretching for an answer there.  Although if you really wanted to, you could assume sentimental attachment (Ami with her father, Makoto’s remaining link to her parents)

    But that’s all just speculation.  I’d really just assume the first reason.

    But anyway, thanks again for reading and I’m glad you still love Sailor Moon :3

  7. deepsubmergen said: Hi! I really love you piece on Princess Serentiy's dress, it's very well researched and you definitely know you're style history. There was just one thing I wanted to bring up with you, although you're not wrong when referencing the Porch of the Caryatids, there are a significant number of examples of caryatids that predate and postdate the Erechtheion. I'm sure you were aware, but the wording you used implied that it is rare rather than a fairly common practice among high architecture. Cheers.

    Ah, yes, you’re right of course. It slipped my mind since I was thinking of Caryatids in terms of literal “maidens of Karyai" instead of architecturally.

    Thanks for pointing that out and I’ll edit the post to match :)

  8. Princess Serenity’s Dress: An Analysis and Break-Down

    Hey, Sailor Moon fandom, hey…

    It’s that time again where I talk too much. This time let’s discuss Princess Serenity’s famous dress which is well-known as an interpretation of the “Palladium” / “Il Palladio” dress in the Christian Dior, Haute Couture Spring/Summer 1992 collection. Here’s a very nice post by Moonie Trivia with detailed pics comparing them with the included inspiration, an Ionic column.


    So what more is there to add, really?

    Well, let’s take a little trip down history and fashion lane.

    Read More

  9. excusemewhileifangirl101 said: I need.. more... of just everything you do. you are a beautiful person dont stop

    Aw, thanks so much for enjoying it :3   I kinda wish I could be more consistent with my posts here, like having a schedule of translations or animations/fan art, but I have a sort of artists’ ADD where I’m constantly rotating projects to keep myself interested and busy.

    Things coming up on the to-do list in case you’re interested (in no particular order):

    • Costume analyses and break-downs for: Princess/Neo Queen Serenity, King Endymion, and Princess Kakyuu
    • A couple more “real-life” replicas of Sailor Moon props
    • Fanfic of how Serenity and Endymion met
    • Working on the illustrated Terran Moon AU
    • More Bara no Tameni

    But again, thanks for sticking by and seeing whatever pops up here :)

  10. Anonymous said: Do you have any thoughts about why Earth seems to be so important in the manga? The obvious answer outside the series is the human-centric bias prevalent in a lot of sci-fi, but I always found it curious why Earth was so important that it had to be protected by both the Sun and the Moon (and bye extension, the entire SilMil), also the fact that Earth has a crystal that's supposed to be equal in power to the Silver Crystal and the fact that it had its own special guardians with the Shitennou.

    Sure, but y’all better settle in because it also goes into what Queen Serenity’s deal is and how the Silver Millennium might’ve worked in general :)

    Like you mentioned, Sci-Fi in general has a lot of human-centric bias, but another common trope is that humans are one of the dumbest, most primitive things in the universe.  In that case, I think that Queen Serenity applied a policy of benevolence and noblesse oblige towards the Earth for two reasons. 

    1. Remember that even though the moon orbits the Earth and is super small in comparison to the rest of the solar system, Queen Serenity chose it as her home.  Queen Nehelenia remarks in Act 48 that they both settled there and were not actually native to this solar system.  I think that rather than Queen Serenity bringing a court here, the people of Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, etc. might’ve already been in existence.  If that’s the case, they might’ve even already descended to Earth once in awhile for giggles, giving rise to mythology and legends of gods and demi-gods playing with the human race.  But when Queen Serenity established and demonstrated herself as a powerful but kind leader, she probably thought fondly of humans and declared them off-limits as playthings.  If you take that as true, then the Maenads’ physical appearance makes a little more sense if the queen of the moon was revered in ancient times as a protector.  Queen Serenity as a non-native works well with the Giant Impact hypothesis of how the moon was formed, and Nehelenia as another moon is parallel to how Theia’s impact possibly had two moons existing at one point.  Not in a chronological sense of course, but as a parallel reference.
    2. If she was aware of the power of the Golden Crystal, she probably wanted to guide and protect it as it formed since Earth was not previously experienced with being attacked by outside forces, since it had no Sailor Senshi at the time. Keep in mind that the Golden Crystal in itself is an anomaly.  It’s extremely similar to a Sailor Crystal but Mamoru is 1) male 2) not actually a Sailor Senshi (although that last bit may be excused considering that at one point the Silver Crystal existed without a Sailor Moon).  It’s growing power seems to be in tandem with the Silver Crystal, so it might’ve just have been a matter of time (and destiny) for Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion to come together.

    In other words, I think that point number one was the original reason she looked after Earth, because humans are soft, squishy things that don’t live long but seem to be funny and admirable in spirit.  One of her first rules to the rest of the Solar System was probably “Stop messing with the Earthlings” which was eventually translated to “Contact between the two kingdoms is forbidden.”  But if she noticed point two, then that would be a good reason as well.  Although the growth of the Golden Crystal might’ve been because of the Silver Crystal, so in which case, that’s almost her fault for taking a shine to Earth.